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Steele County Landfill

Steele County owns and operates the Steele County Landfill located along Hwy. 218 between Owatonna and Blooming Prairie. The landfill accepts mixed solid wastes, industrial wastes, demolition debris and asbestos containing material for disposal, electronics (computers, TVs, DVD players, VCRs).   From May through September at the landfill a household hazardous waste facility accepts hazardous wastes from homes for proper disposal free of charge.  See below for more information.  The landfill also has a recycling station where people may recycle numerous types of papers and cans and bottles and a tank where residents may recycle used motor oil and used oil filters free of charge.  For various fees, the landfill also accepts appliances, electronics (computers, TVs, DVD players, VCRs), tires, and clean concrete/bituminous for recycling. 

2016 Steele County Landfill Rates
Prices include all applicable taxes.

Compacted and Non compacted (per ton) $65.52
Cars (each) $15.00
Pickups (each) $25.00

Mixed solid wastes include plastic, paper, cardboard, household garbage, furniture, treated wood, empty cans and containers, styrofoam, caulking tubes, carpets, asbestos shingles and new construction materials, including lumber.


Large Trucks (per ton) $25.00
Pickup (each) $16.00
Concrete (clean and separated) $6.00

Demolition debris includes materials from the demolition of buildings or roads, such as masonry, untreated wood, glass, rock, plastic building parts and asphalt shingles.  Please note that loads of demolition debris must be kept separate from mixed solid waste materials in order to be charged at the demolition debris rate.

Minnesota landfills are not allowed to bury liquids of any kind, hazardous waste or fluorescent light bulbs, tires, major appliances, vehicle batteries, motor oil, oil filters and electronic devices containing a screen or video display such as TV sets and computer monitors.


Prices include all applicable taxes.
Appliances (each) $13.00
Air Conditioners (each) $13.00
TV's, Computer Monitors (each) (each) $20.00
Misc. Electronics - VCRs, DVDs, CPUs etc.
Recycled at Consumer Request.  State law does not require recycling of these types of electronics.
(each) $  5.00
Tires (each) Car $  4.00
Truck $12.00
Tractor $20.00
Asbestos per ton $80.00
pickup $36.00
bag $  4.68
Petroleum Contaminated Soil & Waste per ton $10.00
Oil Filters (each) $0.00
Mattresses, Box Springs per ton $300.00
each $10.00

Yard Waste Compost

All four cities in Steele County operate community yard waste compost sites for their residents.  Call the City office for more information on location and hours of each facility:

For information on building and maintaining a backyard compost site,  call the Steele County Recycling Hotline: 507-451-5443

Appliances include dishwashers, refrigerators, stoves and ranges, water heaters, clothes dryers, clothes washers, garbage disposals, trash compactors, microwave ovens, freezers, residential furnaces, dehumidifiers and heat pumps.

Other Charges
Uncovered Load $10.00
No Tailgate $10.00

Hours: 7:30 am - 4:30 pm Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 1:00 pm Saturday
Email Address:
Phone: 507-583-7766
FAX: 507-583-2287
Address: 9420 SE 64th Ave
Blooming Prairie MN 55917

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