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Detention Center Facts


The current Steele County Detention Center, which opened in Oct. 2003  is the fourth jail in Steele County.
Our first jail 1865-1907 was in the area of 137 West Main.
The second 1907-1972 was at 135 West Main.
The third 1972-2003 was back at the 137 West Main location.


If you are a victim and wish to have notification on a offender incarceration status, you can register at any time  by calling toll-free 1-877-MN-4-VINE  or 1-877-664-8463.  When the offenders released, transferred, or escapes, the registered person(s) will receive and automatic telephone notification.  (Do not depend solely on the VINE Service for you protection.  If you feel that you may be at risk, take precautions as if the offender has already been released).


Our visiting is “video visiting”  which means there is no face to face contact between visitor and visited.   Our Visiting Hours are:

Tuesday Thursday Friday and Sunday   2-4 PM
Monday Wednesday; Saturday  6-9 PM
Monday through Friday   8-10 AM

A detainee may have up to three different visitors per day. For every visit you must sign in with a pictured identification card or pictured  drivers license.


You may leave a message for a detainee by calling 507-451-0276 and following the instructions.  If your having problems or wish to purchase phone time you may call the vender at 1-800-896-3201.


Cash or credit card deposits are accepted for a detainee via our lobby kiosk, or deposits can be made online at  (profits from the canteen are used to offset program costs)


If you feel you have a warrant for you arrest and would like to take care of the matter before a
officer or deputy show up at you place of employment or home you may call the Steele County Court at 507-444-7700 and ask for Court Administration, or you can call the Detention Center at 507-446-7000.


Alcoholics Anonymous
Adult Basic Education
Anger Management
Chemical Dependency
Job Skills
Narcotics Anonymous
Library (books are donated by members of the community and the Little Professor Book Store).
Recreational time
Inmate Worker Program
Work release program
Domestic Abuse


Volunteers are key people in our philosophy of making Steele County a better place to live tomorrow.   Our volunteers are key in the above programs.

If you are interested in volunteering or have questions, please contact Jen  at 507-446-7000.


The Steele County Detention Center has a rated capacity of 154 beds.  The Center houses both male and female pre-sentence and sentenced detainees, and detainees from other counties, state and Federal organizations.

Total building site is 18.63 acres that accommodates building, parking, geo-thermal field and room for expansion.
Total structure, 58,575 square feet.
Secure jail area, 50,469 square feet
Typical cell size, 70 square feet; double bunk, 90 feet.
52 cameras to monitor the interior and exterior of the facility.
There are 367 doors in the facility.
110,000 blocks were used for interior walls of the jail, core filled with concrete.
125 parking spaces.
39 major subcontractors.
70 % of total building costs paid to subcontractors and suppliers from Steele, Mower, Freeborn, Olmstead and Faribault counties.
Building project required 62,000 hours of trade labor.
Geo-thermal heating/cooling system utilizes 330 boreholes each 90 feet deep, with a total of 11.25 miles of vertical piping.
General Contractor was AJ Lysne, Owatonna, Minnesota
Architect was KKE  from Minneapolis, Minnesota

Building Construction $10,150,000
Site Acquisition $361,000
Equipment/furniture $375,000
Architect & Document Printing $871,000
Fees, permits & testing $130,000
Miscellaneous $863,000
Total Project Cost $12,750,000
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